Remove a prefab from all scenes at build


I have a gameobject ‘Cheater’ helping me testing of my game. I put Cheater in some of the scenes so that I am able to test the scenes individually. However, when I want to take a build, I do not want to deal with opening all scenes one by one and remove Cheaters from them. I want a way to remove all Cheaters from all scenes via one button. Is it possible to manipulate scenes from outside?

It should be possible, but I don’t really know how exactly.

However, here is what I suggest you: Tag your Cheater object with the EditorOnly tag. This tag is special and lets Unity know the gameobject must not be included in the scene when your game is being built.

Just copy the prefab delete/cut it and unity will remove it from all scenes and then paste it back

How about including a script on all Cheater objects that destroys the object. But it only works if it’s NOT in debug mode?