Remove all location transformation from animation clip

Hi there,

I downloaded the “Raw Mocap Data” asset by Unity Tec, which includes a pack of .fbx animations ready to use with Mecanim.

For example, during the walk animation, the player moves forward.

However, in my game, I need to ignore the translation along the X and Z axis. If I don’t do so, it doesn’t work very well. So the walk animation must play, but the player must not move forward.

I know I can constantly set location of the player via script, however in this specific case it doesn’t work very well.

I gotta know how to keep the location of the animation always the same, at the center. How can I do this?

I tried importing the .fbx animation into Blender, then I opened the Dopesheet. On the left list, I can delete every line labeled with “Location”, however, there are way too many “Location” lines, it will be a lot of work to do this for every animation I’m going to use.

Thanks in advance!

In Unity check bake into pose on Root Transform Position XZ.