Remove Drag/Friction

I have some objects that are supposed to move around the stage “floaty”. I have looked everywhere i can think of and i just cannot make them move with less drag or friction. To note:

  • these are unity 2d objects not
    colliding with anything (also tested, and needs to work when colliding with themselves)
  • the Rigidbody2d is set to fixed
    rotation and linear drag = 0.
  • they are set Gravity Scale = 0, so
    that they may freely move around
    (this is supposed to be seen as
  • They have a physics 2D material set to friction 0 and bounciness .5

I can update with more info as requested, but at this point i’m not sure what information would be useful.

I just did exactly (and only) that and the object moves without any drag. How are you moving the object? Does it have a collider? Is it colliding with something else?

If it’s colliding try adding physics2D materials to each collider, setting the friction to 0 in both of them.