Remove Post Processing Effects from Skybox


In my scene I'm currently trying to use 2 seperate Post-Processing Profiles to apply 2 seperate Bloom effects between 2 seperate meshes. Applying the effects seperatly hasn't proven to be difficult, however whenever I apply them (indvividually or in parralel) it ends up effecting my Skybox (which is something I don't want).

I've scrolled up and down google for the past couple of hours but have yet to find a solution that fits what I need.

Is it possible to exclude the skybox in a scene from being effected by any Post Processing effects (specfically bloom)? Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.



Post-processing effects like bloom by default in screen-space, without taking any scene information (ie. depth) into account. To fix this, you'd need to go into the final pass where your bloom is combined and added to the scene, and add in a check against the depth texture - if the depth texture value reads greater than your camera's far clip plane (aka: if it's the skybox), don't add bloom.

However, that would look weird.

@GoGoGadget how could I do that in URP / LWRP?

Did you got this to work?
Cause I want to do it with the Depth of field and I cant find any solution...

Hey man, I second this. Did you get this to work in your case? Will be really useful if you found a way.