Remove project from unity dashboard?

I have an INMENSE amount of projects hanging on my dashboard, most of them completely useless. I have so many projects that I’ve reached the point of not being able of using the collaborate function anymore due to that.

The problem is that I can’t delete any of them, I can’t seem to find the button that does so. I’ve just found this button that sayas “archive” but for what I’ve read, that’s not the solution, because the projects remain in the cloud but “hidden”.

How can I delete all my projects? And I don’t say “archive”, i say “deleting”, obliterating them from existence, completely whipping them off.

‘Archive’ is what you want.

It’s pretty much a delete button that can be undone later if you change your mind.
Archived projects wont appear in your dashboard or connect to any services.

I believe you can contact support if you want them to delete it, but archiving should be enough.

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