Remove Unity Logo from Custom WebGL Build Template

I’m using this asset to enable window resizing in my Unity WebGL build and upon applying the custom build template I’ve found the option to disable/remove the default Unity splash screen has been greyed out. To be clear, I am currently on a Unity Plus & Teams Advanced subscription and changing back to either the Default or Minimal templates will allow me to build with just my client’s logo on the splash screen. I’ve attached an image displaying the issue I’m facing below.


Does anybody know a workaround or if custom WebGL templates are capable of overriding the Unity logo at all? Cheers.

I guess you need to buy the pro version to remove it.

@M4R5 You can’t if you are using Unity Personal OR Plus, I just read. You can only remove the logo if you upgrade to Pro. However, you can customize the splash style/effects to how you like it, but you can’t entirely remove it unless you upgrade to a Pro plan.

If your license is plus over, you can remove or customize splash image.
go and remove seat assinged other pc and activate your license in your pc