Remove wireframe on particle systems


Is it possible to remove the displayed wireframe on the different particle systems in the unity editor. I find it really really hard to view different changes made to both the animator and emitter in the legacy system as the wireframes cover everything.

I’ve searched for it quite a bit but I haven’t found any way to hide it.

I’ve used additional camera and set “Game mode” in the Editor for removing wireframe.

I had the same problem. To disable the particle icons in the Editor, in the Scene nav bar click on “Gizmos.” If you click on the icon of particles, it will disable them in the Editor so they’re out of the way.


Also see:

Both methods seems a bit overkill and a tick box should be developed by the unity-team.
But I guess I’ll have to try out one of your methods :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply guys!