RemoveAt(T[]codes, T code) doesnt work

im using RemoveAt to remove a string from an array. im using somthing like…

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using System;

public class network : MonoBehaviour {

public string[] Codes;
public string myCode;
public bool removeCode;

   void Update(){
         RemoveAt(Codes, FindIndex(Codes, myCode));

   public int FindIndex<T>(T[]codes, T code){
      return Array.IndexOf(codes, code);

   void RemoveAt<T>(T[]codes, int index){
      removeCode = false;

Im not sure what to put in RemoveAt to remove the string from the Array, but it doesnt work as it is.

You can’t actually “remove” something from an array - you can set it to “null” but this will leave an empty space inside the array.

If holding a null value inside your array is okay, just use codes[index] = null;.
If you want to remove the entire slot, you can:

A) Create a new array with everything before and behind the specified index, which will work fine but you end up moving a lot of data around and allocating new arrays, leaving the garbage collector much work to do:

codes = codes.Take(index).Concat(codes.Skip(index + 1)).ToArray();

B) Use a generic list and just call