Removing Missing Objects From A List

I have a list:

  public var enemies : List.<GameObject> = new List.<GameObject>();

That I put all of the enemies in a certain area in

var hitColliders : Collider[] = Physics.OverlapSphere (transform.position, circleRadius);
 for (var hit : Collider in hitColliders) {//Converts Collider[] to Collider        
     if(hit.gameObject.tag == "Killable"){//Detects if it is an enemy.
 if(EnemyScript.added == false){//So it will not add a second time.
      EnemyScript.added = true; 

In this list I get the number of enemies in the area, so I will know to spawn them in if it is less than the allotted amount.

EnemiesInSection = enemies.Count;

The Problem is that when a enemy dies, in the list, the game object comes up missing, where I would like to remove it.

I have tried putting a boolean in my enemy script that when it dies it comes up true and then use enemies.remove(hit.gameObject) and that did not work.

I also tried doing this:

if(hit.gameObject == null){

How would I go about removing the enemies once they die.

All help is appreciated, Thanks


You are probably destroying the enemy gameobject before removing it from the list, remove it from the list first.