Removing Unity Collab from a project


My team and I recently parted ways with a previous employee. The employee created our project under his Unity account back in 2017. We were recently removed from this collab as we no longer have a seat and would like to continue using collab under our account.

Is there any way for us to remove the collab on the project we have saved on our computer and enable a new collab using the existing project?

Thank you!

I know hindsight is 2020, but why did you give someone who doesn’t own the company the master account?

Regardless, if you have a build that is recent, why don’t you just export that build, start a new project, and then import it from there?
I don’t know if there is a way to change the master account with the master account owner’s permission, so if the reason you don’t want to do this is because you want to save all the previous commits, then maybe speak to that ex employee and see if they can change the owner to someone else.