Removing unwanted animation and avatar data in meshes made in Blender

Hello, only my second day using Unity, please be gentle!

I’ve worked out how to build meshes to use in my Unity game in Blender, then just saved the .blend file in my Unity Assets folder (this is amazing!). I made a simple rock, but the asset in Unity contains the mesh itself ‘firstMesh’, but also an animation clip ‘Default take’ and something called ‘firstMeshAvatar’.
I don’t want to animate my basic rock, and won’t want to be clogging up my game with data that will never be used. How can I make Blender not save those data (disable animation?) or remove them in Unity? The example project I looked at has only a single data file for a mesh.


Matt the Pie

The asset in the Inspector has 3 tabs. Model, Rig, Animation. Look at each one and un-check what you don’t need