Rename Alder Tree Asset Without Ruining Lighting

I’m using the Alder tree model in my scene, the one from the Terrain Assets free package. It works fine, including the lighting.

Then I change the file-name of the Alder asset. The lighting immediately gets messed up in the Scene view, and preview, with some areas of the leaves becoming far too bright.

How do I rename the Alder tree asset without ruining its lighting? And why would the Alder tree be having this problem?

Well, I finally found a work-around, but it’s very hacky.

I used a Process Monitor to see what files were changed when I renamed the Alder asset file. After narrowing-down the results, the files in these two folders were the prime suspects: “Library/Previews/25” and “Library/metadata/25”

To make a long story short, I replaced the “/metadata/25” folder with a backup prior to the lighting-problem/asset-rename, which kept the new Asset name while also fixing the lighting problem. (I had to rebuild the project for the changes to show up, though)