Rename Animation clip?

Is there any way to rename an animation clip from the animation editor? I renamed on of my animator states, and would like for the clip name to match.

Also, can you copy an animation and edit it? (I have some GUI animations that are very similar to each other, with different sprites, and would rather not create them all from scratch)

What is the extension of your animation clips? If it’s .fbx, you can change it in animation clip’s “inspector settings” “animations” tab or you can just duplicate it and edit.

I wasn’t able to rename an animation anywhere I saw in the inspector for an animation, but did find a couple of other approaches.

Most of the time you can rename the file in the project window using the ‘@’ convention and the clip will be renamed, for example:

MyCharacter@StandingIdleAnimation.fbx’ would import with an animation called ‘StandingIdleAnimation’ you could use in your AnimatorController, etc.

I have seen Unity refuse to pick up the new animation name when renaming in this manner. In that case, opening up the corresponding ‘MyCharacter@StandingIdleAnimation.fbx.meta’ in a text editor outside of Unity and search/replacing all instances (about three in my files) of the wrong animation name with what you want to call it. When you save the .fbx.meta file in the text editor and switch back to Unity the new name for the animation should show up for you.

Anyway, just figured this out and noticed this thread didn’t contain the answer I found. Hope that helps someone.