Rename MR to Immersive mode

Rename MR to Immersive Mode? - this avoids confusion with apple terminology

Also… Because so many MRTK and Mixed Reality dev things just do not work here.

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What about Bounded mode for volume camera, which does not use an immersive space? Just using Immersive Mode would be harder to distinguish between Fully Immersive Mode for VR.

MRTK poses some challenges, but there’s a possibility of a future version or community fork that works on visionOS. To be clear though, while we collaborate with Microsoft on the development of MRTK, we have no influence over their roadmap and I don’t know of any plans to support visionOS.

What other Mixed Reality things don’t work? I would still consider a PolySpatial app to be mixed reality simply because we are able to blend virtual content with real-world video. At least according to Wikipedia, that’s the defining characteristic of Mixed Reality. :slight_smile: