Renaming an animation from FBX format

Okay guys recently i made a model with an animation in blender, and exported it out with the FBX format. When i import it into unity, i cant seem to rename and edit the file. I can get the models to work ( looks the same in blender ) and the animation o play, but i cant rename it.. i need its name to change for my script to work... any ideas?

you have to rename the animation in the inspector... select your file in the project tab and then in the inspector click where it says idle ... and add a new name. I think that if you add @ at the fbx file animation then the animation is imported with the name indicated. file@walk.fbx should create an animation called walk.

You can also add "Split animation" (in the FBXImporter press (+) sign under Split animations) and then you can specify a name for imported animation. Of course you will be force to specify start and end frames too...