Renaming the entire project... How to?

I started out with a pretty decent prototype project and now I am spending a lot more time developing it. Now that I have a name for it and everything I want to change the project name but when I try to do so it loses all the connections to the assets and no longer shows up when I try to re-open it in Unity. Is there anyway I can do a mass renaming/re-pathing?

Note: This is really just for aesthetic purposes, I realize that it won’t have an effect on the game and how it works.


Quit Unity, rename the main folder, the one that contains Assets and co, and restart Unity. Click Open Other, find it and you’re good. There shouldn’t be any tricks.

Here’s a more thorough answer, for those who wish to rename the project and product names:

  • rename the main folder that contains the project
  • rename the product by going to build settings > player settings > product name. Without this, the product/game will not be renamed, and when it runs it will show as the old title.
  • load up a script and you’ll see all the automatically created files from Visual Studio, and can delete the old ones that are the same type by the old name
  • in “.vs” – Visual Studio – you can delete the old folder and you should see a new folder after you open any script to open Visual Studio.

Despite what many think, it’s NOT just renaming the folder and reopening it on Unity - as by doing this, it won’t change it’s identification along any of Unity’s services.

Here is the correct process:

  1. Click on “My Account”, then “Go to Account”.
  2. Once it’s opened on the browser, choose “Projects” from the side panel.
  3. From the list of all your projects, find the one you wanna change and click on “View”.
  4. From the side panel on the left, choose “Settings” and then “General”.
  5. Now you’ve got into the official page to rename your Project in a way Unity is going to recognize all over it’s Services.

Yes this is old, but in future, for people with Pau1’s problem: At the top of the services window, click ‘go to dashboard’. Then, in ‘project home’ click ‘settings’. Now, click archive. Complete the conformation, and you’re good to go! Create a new project ID in the services window, and everything should be fixed.

I appreciate this is an old thread - but hoping some one can explain what’s going on…
To rename my project I…

  1. Changed to a New Project Name, via my online account (as mentioned above by @eovento )
    -old project name remained on local drive-
  2. Changed the player name in Unity to match New Project Name
    -old project name remained on local drive-
  3. Changed the project folder to match the New Project Name
    -Now, when opening Unity, the project cannot be seen under any name!?!?-

Can anyone explain what’s going on please.

Problem fixed here : How to Change Project Name in Unity | How to Rename Project in Unity - YouTube