Render and stream unity3d generated scenes

Hi all,

I have an online game which include several short animations which are currently being done using Unity3d.

Since some of the users do not wish to install the Unity3d plugin I thought about rendering these scenes on the fly and streaming them to the users.

Has anyone tried something like this ? I guess it should be doable but I'm more interested about the encoding time (needs to be faster than the full scene) and scalable (I assume I will need to render dozens if not hundreds of movies simultaneously).

Please advise, Guy Nesher

Assuming your scene is interactive, this sounds very very very difficult. (OnLive thinks they can do it though).

What a lot of sites do is that they convince people that installing the plugin is worth it, by displaying a flash video of what the game would look like when they'd choose to play it. Giving the experience for people who don't have the webplayer yet some love can do wonders for your install ratio.

why you should render and stream it on the fly? the best way is to recor a video of your game with a program like camstudio that is free. if you really love to render a game to a movie file you should take screenshots in a fix framerate like 30FPS and use a plugin like quicktime to convert images to a movie. also you need a plugin to record speakers. there are free video encoding libraries available on the net. you just need to google it or as Microsoft loves bing it :).