Render difference after importing fbx file from Blender to Unity

I done modelling my character in Blender and export it as fbx file, then import to Unity. Everything is fine except the render (color problem).

For example: Light pink in Blender, but it turns to white in Unity (I mapped material and texture in Unity and make sure same color code applied).

The color is perfect in Blender but somehow in Unity it’s different even I used Unlit Shader. Is there any solution to make my character in Unity look exactly as I done in Blender.

Thanks in advanced

Below is screenshot of color difference
alt text

Updated: Try with diffuse
alt text

I figured out there is no color difference if you use UV mapping + ToonShader

Check the material base color. It usually gets set to a grey when you import from Blender which will blend with your texture. Set it to pure white like the example and you should get the same texture color you had in Blender.

try to set shader to diffuse.

Silly but have you checked that you applied the face materials in Blender? (In Edit Mode, select the faces that are appearing white, and go in the Properties View to assign their material to the appropriate material, re-export the FBX so Unity gets the updated stuff)

Which part of it is appearing white that you want pink? It seems like the roses are pink, and you can adjust the color to be a more saturated pink (closer to the right side of the color picker area) if you want it to have more color in it.

Hi! I’m facing the same problem, maybe because unity has been updated or may because I’m not so familiar with Unity, may I ask where I can find the “UV mapping and TonnShader”? Thank you very much!