Render issue with Unity and Amazon Underground Ad overlay

Hello! Our game just went live on Amazon Underground and there appears to be an issue when an ad is served before Unity has a chance to start rendering the game. If the ad overlay is launched before the splash screen renders, everything is a pink and black pixelated mess. If the splash screen renders first and then the ad is served, everything is fine. Really hoping to find a solution to this as it’s obviously not how I want players to first experience the game. This is the first time I’ve seen this, and it’s only started since Amazon added their ad wrapper. Still waiting to hear from Amazon about it.

using Unity 5.4

Added screenshots of how it should look and how it sometimes looks.


@digisimon I did! It was on Amazon’s end. They were serving the interstitial ad before Unity had a chance to initialize properly. They’re App team is not the speediest or most communicative bunch, took about a week or so to finally get it sorted out, but they were nice. If you’re having a similar issue, you need to use their dev portal to contact them. Making a forum post about it in their forums I find tends to speed them up a bit too.