Render Mode for Canvas

The goal is to have buttons in corners that follow camera when looking around the VR world. I can get the buttons to show and follow main camera when I set canvas render mode to world space and make it a child of main camera, but then the buttons don’t work when I build to AVP. Buttons work in editor. Any advice or other configuration I’m missing to have buttons follow camera and work?

Are the buttons free floating or are they parented to a Canvas?
What version of PolySpatial are you using?

They are parented to Canvas. I am using 1.0.3. For some more info, I am playing a 360 video in background with video player, material, and render texture. Maybe that is messing it up, I did try a build without the video going, and still buttons didn’t work. I’ve tried messing around with the layering too in canvas (polyspatial, default, and UI).

I just opened my project after closing it, and now under the video player it’s saying Video Player not supported by Exclusive AR and Shared AR profile. It does build to AVP fine with 360 video playing.

Here some screenshots which may help. Appreciate it!