render object on top of everything with dynamic shadows (for mobile)

I am making a game where you slide with sleds, but sometimes sleds inevitably go a little bit inside ground and I want to fix it. I tried several options :

  1. Use 2 cameras , one for the world and another for sleds only , to always render it on top of everything , it works , but there is no dynamic shadows. I could enable cooling mask on everything but it would mean rendering all twice (game is on android and it will start to lag) and some image effects would fail to work correctly.

  2. modify shader with ZTest Always and ZWrite On. This time object renders on top of everything and with shadows received , but object itself renders wrong with some triangles in wrong order.

So I need a solution which would always render the object on top of everything , with dynamic shadows and no incorrect stuff rendered, possibly optimized

You can modify shader with “offset”, which can push the z depth a little front or a little back