Render Pipeline doesn't get built

Hello folks. Seeing this website got upgrades, I really want to try that immediately. Let’s go!
As the title said, let me explain my problem. Here I give some video to help it explain. vid of my problem ::frowning:

I created my own scriptable render pipeline. It’s going to be something amazing, in my opinion. I’m about to implement ray tracing using compute shader (as well as .raytrace shader, later), for my SRP. Seems like nothing’s wrong with the editor here. The render loop with compute shader doing their work. It’s just basically rendering the color according to the world position. The synchronization between render texture and the camera blit is all good. Sorry, I couldn’t show you my render pipeline code. But I could tell, the code is not so complex after all.

I got to make sure this project is ready for built from start. Then, I tried to build my project for Win64 (the default ones, not UWP) with only options copy PDB files and LZ4HC. The build is fast and instant. But when I run the built app, it’s rendering default skybox just like built in render pipeline. Even though there isn’t any single line of code in my render pipeline that tells it to render default skybox. Seems like my SRP didn’t get built with the app. Why is that? What could possibly go wrong? What thing could probably be missed from my SRP codebase?

Please, I need a real good answer. Even the AI themself couldn’t help nothing.

Bump. Seems no one is answering. Aight, imma try to ask on Unity Forum.