Render realtime panorama (cylindrical equivalent, not spherical)

I’m trying to get a texture out of Unity and into Spout ( ) that is the equivalent of a 360-degree camera with a ‘normal’ vertical FOV (like 35mm equiv). To clarify, this texture would be the equivalent of a cylindrical panorama (rather than spherical), and this is with the goal of bringing this texture into TouchDesigner in the end.

I’ve tried making multi-camera rigs a la Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making
but there is a degree of lens distortion per single-camera FOV that makes some unacceptable distortion no matter how many cameras are in the rig.

I had some interesting suggestions from friends regarding rendering reflections from a cylindrical object but I understand there are some major performance limitations with that approach.

I’m considering rendering a cube map in Unity, trying to send that through Spout, and then doing my pano camera stuff on the TouchDesigner side …

Any thoughts on how to best approach this?



Bump. I’m trying a similar approach to get the texture into VVVV. Any help would be useful, thank you.