Render Texture Copying on Canvas for Device Batch Call reduction // Image glitch on devices

I am currently working on a script that aims to copy the camera render to a canva so that when there is no input for a few frames the camera turns off and only the canvas with the image renders thus reducing batch calls.

I am getting the following issue
on android often upon launching the app i get very weird glitches when switching to the canvas such as :

Does someone have an idea to what may cause this effect ?
I know it is related to the device since it work fine in editor.
Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

Note : Putting the code in Prefomatted text is always better than a screenshot
Other than that, in your toTexture2D method try to keep the old value of before assigning your texture, then assign it back after you’re done with , like this

RenderTexture toTexture2D(RenderTexture framed)
    RenderTexture tmp =; = framed;
    // .... use .... = tmp;
    return snap;

Thank you for your answer !
sorry about the screenShot this is my first post wont happen again , I will try this fix although i am not sure to understand it