Render textures attached to a RawImage component are not set/updated on VisionOS

Found this simple bug which is preventing us from using RawImage components in UGUI and rendering to them via a RTT. Submitted with simple sample project @ IN-66234
Jan-18-2024 16-38-04

Hi @joe_nk

Thanks for filing the incidence report. At least based on your *.gif, it appears that this may be a general issue in Unity rather than anything specific to visionOS or MR Mode /PolySpatial. Can you confirm that?



I’ve just tried Unity 2022.3.13 and that exhibits the same issue. Furthermore, disabling the PolySpatial runtime fixes the problem in the Editor Game view (The sphere is drawn)


Yes, it looks like this is an issue with how we track textures for Image/RawImage components (we assumed they would be Texture2D instances). We’ll get that fixed in a future release, though the usual caveats about RenderTextures will still apply. I don’t know of any workaround for the moment other than using a MeshRenderer (with Quad geometry) rather than a UI component (like RawImage).

Thanks, We’ve gone with a quad for now on visionOS, but worth noting that this only works if we use an opaque shader, otherwise we can’t control sorting in the UI.

Right, that makes sense. The next release should allow the PolySpatial Sorting Group to override UI/sprite/particle sorting to deal with issues like that.

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Looks like RawImage RTTs are fixed in 1.0.3, thanks!

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