Render textures being reused by the engine, can I stop this?

Hello, I am using render textures for a fog of war system. The problem I’m having is that when I get more than 1 render texture and use it, unity seems to just internally be reusing the same one as the first. I confirmed this by changing the size of each render texture I create by 1 pixel (first is 256x256, second is 256x255 etc.) and this fixes the problem. I assume this is because when they are different size it cant reuse the same one. Is that a way to opt out of this? I can’t just clear the texture each reuse because I am relying on repeated drawing to the texture to save where the player has been (static fog of war) and I need multiple of them. Thanks!

Camera rendering:

void OnRenderImage( RenderTexture src, RenderTexture dest )
    // Create RT of dimensions of the target RT (if we haven't already)
    if( fogOfWarRT == null )
    fogOfWarRT = new RenderTexture( dest.width, dest.height, dest.depth, dest.format );
    // Blit from the destination to our separate Rt (this is because we can't read and write from the same RT at the same time)
    Graphics.Blit( dest, fogOfWarRT );

    // We use the dest as a parameter in our shader, it makes the fog of war from src only be applied if the area doesn't aleady have fog of war removed
    fogOfWarMaterial.SetTexture( "fogOfWarRT", fogOfWarRT );
    Graphics.Blit( src, dest, fogOfWarMaterial );

Camera creation:

newCamera.targetTexture = new RenderTexture( 512, 512, 0 ) { filterMode = FilterMode.Bilinear };
renderer.material.SetTexture( "fogOfWarRT", newCamera.targetTexture );
savedChunkData[chunk].fogOfWarCamera = newCamera;

Changing the first line to be 512 +/- num_render_textures works as per my description.

I’m having the same issue with a fog of war system. Did you get a solution anywhere?