Renderer performance issue


I am having trouble understanding something about time it takes to render.
I was doing some module testing placing few hundred unity based cylinders on the scene. That would be about 100k+ trist and 100k+ verts. Time it took for renderer droped significantly, about 1.1ms, or about 10ms for 300k+ trist and 300k+ verts(no other significant objects on the scene). All of this is done using only intel hd 4000.
Now the wierd thing was that placing blender made 15 k verts 30k trist objets onto the scene(without cylinders on the scene), filling 300k+ trist and 170k+ verts wouldn’t change renedering time almost at all (from 0.1 ms to sometimes 0.2ms).
This confuses me a lot, so my question is : what is happening here?

You’re talking about draw calls, which are a function of CPU speed, and not related to the GPU. In general you want to try to reduce draw calls where it makes sense to do so by combining meshes.