RendererUpdateManager.UpdateAll must be called first

Very recently I’ve been getting an error in my console when entering play mode. I’ve reviewed all my assets and searched as much as I can here on Unity Answers, as well as elsewhere but I’m unable to find a solution.

Some sources suggest that I might have interpolation enabled on my rigid bodies but that is not the case. Others recommend a range of other fixes including, but not limited to:

  • Reseting the layout
  • Recreating Cameras
  • Recreating Directional lights
  • Restarting Unity

Here’s the Error:

In order to call
RendererUpdateManager.UpdateAll must
be called first.

The “resolution” to this is so random and unexplainable, I have no idea why or how it works, but:

My main camera was in a container game object at 0,0,0 in the scene. Moving that container to -5,0,0 in the scene resolves the error.


Have you filed a bug report? Seems like a Unity bug. What’s your version?

EDIT: Nevermind the bug reappeared please delete this comment.

Had the bug for several days now when instantiating prefabs on a terrain.
After tracking the bug to a single prefab, changing the component order seemed to have permanently fixed it.
The prefab didn’t have a rigidbody, but two custom monobehaviours and a capsule collider.
Click on the collider component → move up → move up resolved the issue for me.