RenderFX Slots Not Showing Up For Skybox

Whenever I make a material with RenderFX to drag 6 images to make a custom skybox, nothing shows up in the inspector like i mean its literally a grey screen. Ive tired restarting and still nothing. If anyone could help out or knows whats going on, please reply :slight_smile:

I finally got an answer to contribute :slight_smile: !!!

Ok, this was kind of embarrassing for me to stumble upon, but hey, I’ll take an embarrassing solution over a frustrating problem.

In the Inspector, where your skybox material is, click on the definition at the top in the open space just above the dropdown where you have selected “RenderFX/Skybox” and then all of the slots appear.

I’m beggin you to mark this as a solution, since it’ll be my first in over a year as a member and indie developer!

Thanks :slight_smile: