Rendering Artifacts at edges of 3D models @Android


I am building an Augmented Reality application for both iOS and Android OS using the Vuforia SDK.

While testing my app I have realized that on my Android test device there are some rendering artifacts at the edges of my 3D models that don´t occur on my Apple test device.

I have done some research but still can figure out what is happening on the android side.

I am attaching some pictures to show the rendering artifacts.

Here are some details about my project:

  • Models created on Google Sketchup 8 exported to collada and then exported from collada to fbx (I don´t have the Pro version of Sketchup to export them directly to fbx)
  • Vuforia SDK to help for augmented reality
  • Android test device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Honeycomb
  • Apple test device: New Ipad

Any comments, ideas or help would be very appreciated!

Hi VicM,

I encounter this problem as well in Transformer Prime, ICS in Vuforia SDK.
My current solution is to increase the ARCamera Near clipping planes & decrease Far clipping planes.

My current settings:
Clear Flags : Depth only
Field of View : 51.27
Near Clipping Planes : 5
Far Clipping Planes : 300

You should take notice of your 3D object size as well.
For my case, the 3D objects are export to FBX from 3D Studio Max with Meter conversion.
The default Scale Factor in Unity is 0.01.
Hence, 1 meter from 3ds max equal to 1 cm in Unity. (Corrent me if I’m wrong)

The “ImageTarget” for my apps has been scale up to 10 so that the depth test is more accurate on bigger object.

Are you sure the isn’t Z-fighting? It really looks like, because the other polys are ok.

Every device has it’s own OpenGL implementation, depending on hardware and driver. Maybe this implementation has a problem with the model’s flatness.