Rendering FBX with multiple animations

I couldn’t find a question that fixed my situation so I’ll just make one here.

I’m making a simple horror game for school in which I’ve modeled a biped villain, rigged him and added biped animations from school. They all work fine in 3ds max but when I render the model out as FBX and try to import it to Unity the animations are there but they don’t play.

I have the model as a prefab in which I played with the Animations tab settings, and once I drag the prefab into my scene and add the Animation component, select the walk animation (which is set to loop) and make it play automatically it does not play.

If anyone could help me out or point me in the direction of a good tutorial for exporting multiple animations on an fbx out of 3ds max and importing them into Unity 4 that would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

There are a bunch of resources to help you with this, the first might be the docs for exporting multiple animations (rendering is creating an image file rather than a model file btw):

This explains that you can export all your animations in one long animation and the split them in Unity, or use the @clipName convention to export multiple clips.

Here are some more resources if you want to set up and use Mecanim to control your characters, which although takes a bit of learning, will be much more powerful to control the playback of your animations:

Good luck and have fun!

Olly - Unity Support