rendering help!!!

i’ve tried but all the texture i put on my models just makes it look even worse!!! i’ave looked at other ones, but none have a good answer which makes a difference so please how would i render an object i’ve got a brick texture which i copied from the internet (high quality) i’ave put it on my models but it looks rubbish so please help

Being a little more specific would be appreciated next time you ask a vague question like this. Since I’m assuming you don’t exactly know what your issue is, the easiest thing to do would be to post a picture of us to look at so we can at least make some assumptions to derive an answer.

Most likely, your texture looks like rubbish because you haven’t played with the compression of the texture after import, as well as the shader type you’re using. Click on your Game Object that you applied the texture to, and look at the inspector column of Unity. At the very bottom of the inspector, you should see your ‘Shader’ there. It is by default set to Diffuse, and for the time being keep it that way until you learn about what shaders do what. To make your texture look higher quality, click on the texture in your Project column, navigate to the bottom of the inspector, and play around with the ‘Max Size’ settings and ‘Format’ settings.