Rendering option won't show in the main camera

Hey there,
Im pretty new to unity and currently i am watching a lot of tutorials on how to create a 2d game. I want to create an animated vignette on my main menu by using post processing. I’ve installed URP and post processing. In all of the tutorials they show, that you have to enable the post processing in the main camera in order to get the layer and volume to work. They all have this option under camera-renderer 2d- postprocessing. For me it doesnt show. Does anyone know if i havent installed something or if its just some other thing blocking it?

That doesnt look like a urp camera component. URP camera has 4 dropdowns.You can try adding a new camera. There are cases where even if you upgrade to the urp camera doesnt update(happened to me once).Also check the settings to make sure you are using urp. Also you should have a settings folder that holds pipeline settings. If you have upgraded from built-in to urp you might have to create render pipeline assets yourself. I never manually set-up urp since there is a URP option on the hub. But i am pretty sure that your camera component is not urp.