renderTexture basics

Hi Folks,

I am wondering what renderTexture is all about ... I want a small camera in my scene. Kind of a window within a window. This is easy to do, I know, with just setting up another camera and adjusting its x, y, width, and height (makign sure its depth is larger than that of the main camera). But I want the smaller window to be "framed" if you like ... Is this a good use of renderTexture or am I just as well off placing simple images around the camera to mimic a frame?

Sorry if this sounds idiotic. Gotta start somewhere .... I have Pro so I know I can use rendertexture just looking better understand what I've paid for;)


Sounds right. What do you mean by 'framed'? Would it be like the frame around the rear-view mirror in a car? If so, an easy way to do that is have the frame in a texture on a plane situated behind the plane that the rendertexture is on.