RenderTexture being overwritten by another camera even though it's not assigned to it.

Hello, I am using RenderTextures to create a fog of war effect in my game. I have 2 cameras set up to two different render textures, one texture for the static fog(darker fog that clears when the player moves through it) and another texture for a dynamic fog(lighter fog that is always there if the user doesn’t have vision). For the darker fog, I set the Camera’s clear flags to Depth and for the dynamic fog I set it to Solid Color. The problem is, whenever I run the game, both cameras render to the same texture(or possibly both) and the end result is that both fog of war planes get the same texture.

What could be causing this?

This is the static fog camera set to Depth only to not clear the texture:

Static fog cam is set to depth only to not clear the texture

And this is the dynamic fog cam:

alt text

After I run the game, this is what my FOWPlane texture(assigned to the depth only camera) looks like:

alt text

and if I turn off the 2nd camera that is supposed to be rendering to a different texture, it works perfectly.

For anyone that was searching for a answer like I was to this ancient problem: I changed the sorting layer of the overwriting camera to a lower depth to fix this weird issue.