RenderTexture in editor much brighter than actual texture in-game. Why is this the case?

In my game, I have a 2nd camera that looks at a sprite (or plane, tried that too) and renders its viewport to a rendertexture, which I display in-game as a minimap.

The expected behavior/look is what the preview in the editor is while I am playing. However, in-game the actual image is much darker. The image should be the same brightness/color independent of the light level of the game.

Why is there such a difference between the texture in the editor, and the texture in-game?

In editor, lights on.

In game, lights on.

In editor, lights off.

In game, lights off.

EDIT: Ok so I did get it to work but I am not sure why this solution is a solution. If anyone could shed some light on the following I would be eternally greatful. So if I switch the project rendering from linear to gamma-blend the minimap displays the color/brightness correctly. Why is this?

Check if you accidentally set “Rendering Path” of the particular camera to “Legacy Vertex Lit”. If yes, then change it.