RenderTexture not working when built

I’ve been having trouble running my application when built.
It runs fine in Unity, but when I run it from a build I just get a blue screen. After experimenting with a few things, I found that the application ran successfully from a build when I set the Target Texture on the camera to ‘None’.
After experimenting with this a little more, it definatly seems that the issue is with the camera rendering to a texture.

The rendering texture is used to show an image of the players character during customisation. I had the camera turned off and when the ‘Create Character’ button is clicked the camera is enabled. But, when the button is clicked the game freezes and the text below is put into the log:

Setting up 1 worker threads for
Enlighten. Thread → id: 16f8 →
priority: 1 Releasing render texture
that is set to be! (Filename:
Line: 477)
Waiting for finish

How can I get around with this issue with the render texture? This only happens when the application is run from a build.

remove all textures before adding render texture