RenderTexture with image effects baked in

I have a situation where I want to switch from a real-time camera with a couple of Image Effects attached, to a RenderTexture. The goal is for this to be seamless, and it’s primarily so that when the user is in the menus the background can be blurred out during the transition and then left with just the static (blurred) RenderTexture until they leave.

The blur effect works fine on the standard camera, and I’ve made sure it’s present on the RenderTexture camera as well. The problem I’m having is that the resultant RenderTexture doesn’t have the blur applied. From what I’ve found in searches it seems like this should just work. Is there a step I’m missing aside from simply putting the appropriate Image Effect components on the RT-targeting camera object?

@laugre - If I’m remembering correctly, it came down to the fact that the camera was disabled at the time. Explicitly telling it to render worked fine, but since it was disabled it (presumably) didn’t go through any of the post-process stuff that was attached to it.