RenderTexutre to Skybox

I have a render texture that is 6 times longer than it is high, and has a valid layout for a cubemap to use in a skybox. But it’s a render texture and Unity will not allow me to use that texture as a cubemap for some reason that doesn’t really make any sense since it is valid. Gives me the error:

RenderTexture.Create failed: cube maps must be power of two and width must match height.

So I am stuck. I can export the render texture by converting it to a Texture2D and then re-importing the PNG and setting that up as a cubemap with no problems. I would do this to solve my problem, if I didn’t want the possibility of everything to be rendered in real time, and that it takes a very long time to do the conversion from rendertexture to texture2D.

So is there anyway that I can take my rendertexture the way it is, and use it as a cubemap straight from my script?

You could try ( )

 myRT.isPowerOfTwo = true;

Also in unity’s doc for RenderTexture.isCubemap: “A cubemap render texture must have the same width and height” ( )