Renting a server for game hosting without a plugin

I’ve been looking around for something without success.
I’m attempting to make a small online based game (just for learning) and I’m wondering if someone knows if it’s possible to rent a server and run your server build of the game on it and be able to store databases etc on it(the players health, weapons, inventory etc)

basically a empty server with decent specs and a good bandwidth I can place the server executable in, run it and it works without me having to spend time to understand ExitGames-Photon etc.

Thanks for your time.


Basically what you are asking for is a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Actual servers can run up to the $100s/month. VPS’s are fairly cheap, but you will need to figure out what kind of OS you need first.

You can either get a Linux VPS or Windows VPS (Linux is much better in my honest opinion). You can check out 1and1 they have pretty good prices. Also, I don’t have much experience with them but Amazon offers some pretty cheap prices as well (even per hour pricing.