reorderablelist unity width (add button out of scope)


To design some dialog (dev tool), I would like to use a reorderablelist on my editor window.

I try to put this reoderablelist in a GUI scrollview (vertical only) smaller that the main editor window…
That’s ok but the reorderablelist’s width seems equal to the main editor window’s width, so the add button and delete button are out of user’s scope( except if I enable horizontal scroll bar and move it to the right).

Someone know how to set the width of the reodorable list please ?

I think that’s possible but after many hours of research I didn’t find…

here is my code :

  //Create a scroll view in the pink area (subwindowThreeSpace rectangle)
        scrollPos = GUI.BeginScrollView(subwindowThreeSpace, scrollPos, new Rect(new Rect(0,0,subwindowThreeSpace.width,subwindowThreeSpace.height *2)));

        if (maListeDeReplique != null)


here is my problem

anyone can help me ? :frowning: