Reparenting behaviour differs on android vs web/windows

I have just made a first test of my game on an android device. Till now I was only building for web/windows.

I encounter a strange issue which is not present when deploying for web or windows.

In my level I have 10 platforms, which are all instances of a prefab. Each of those platforms has a spawnpoint for characters (it is simply a GameObject being child of the Platform).

In my code I spawn the characters using following code:

var passengerSpawnPoint : Transform;

function SpawnPassanger() {
	var p = Instantiate(passenger,, Quaternion.identity) as GameObject;
	p.transform.parent = passengerSpawnPoint;

It works fine for web and wondows, the passangers are placed correctly relative to the platforms, but on Android they all spawn at world 0,0,0, as if the reparenting didnt work.

What am I doing wrong here?

after setting the parent set the localposition to (0,0,0):

p.transform.localPosition =;

This will make the center at the spawn point.