Repeat a Animation on the same GameObject?

Hey dear experts,

I have an issue with my Gameobject. I want to play it on an occasion, like OnCollisionEnter(). I tried to do it with Animator-Triggers but the Animation plays itself by the first collision, then never again.

I hope you can help me out!

Make sure you are changing it’s state once it finishes reproducing that one. That way, when the trigger fires again it will be able to go back to the original state. (Also, make sure you have a connection to that state again and the trigger option is set as you did with the first time).
That if you want to fire the animation every time it enters the collider. If you want it to loop, pick the animation click and in the inspector click the bool to loop.
If you can’t find something or still doesn’t work, please post an image of the animator and the code you wrote!