Repeat textures are very low quality

I have a few textures that I need to be set to repeat(I am doing a parallax background for an infinite runner). I have the textures set to Repeat, point, max size = 1024, truecolor and it looks blurry, and the tree texture has a strange outline. Does anyone know why it would like this/ how I could fix it? Below I have included what it looks like first and what I want each of the textures to look like below that. Thanks ahead of time just for stopping to look.

Change Point to Billinear, if the outlines are still there, check the actual texture sizes and make sure they are a power of 2. So it would be sizes like 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 and any mix of these. So if those pictures are 642x353 I think Unity will compress or expand them to be a power of 2, so it will change it into 512x256 and create artifacts/blur the texture. See if that gets rid of the edges.