Repeating a sound file for movement

I’m want to add a rolling sound for a moving ball, but im not sure how this is done. Am i supposed to use a very short sound and just repeat it to create a continuous rolling sound or is there some other way?

im also gonna randomize the pitch slightly to create a more natural rolling sound, as well as make the volume of the sound depend on the velocity of the object so it’s more natural.

You should use a loopable sound (a sound that may repeat continuously without any audible glitch) and check the AudioSource Loop field in the Inspector. Set audio.mute to true when the ball stops, and adjust audio.volume according to the speed, like you’ve suggested. The pitch may vary a little with speed too, but not so much.

You can download this sound - it’s a loopable roller coaster sound - feel free to use it, if you like it.