repeating textures (how to solve it)

Ok, so seamless textures are a common thing to use…correct me if i"m wrong on that

So we have a grassy plain, or even a mountain…anything using a texture that looks like it repeats.

What are the choices to make it look like the texture doesn’t repeat?

Most big budget games that risk players noticing repeating textures use a range of things to hide or break repetition:

  1. Blending textures with, for example, vertex painting,

  2. Using a splat map like Unity’s terrain editor,

  3. Placing lots of objects of varying size and scale across the surface, eg trees, rocks, buildings, rubble, etc,

  4. Using decals in uncovered areas (eg, a scorch mark, a road, a walking trail, graffiti),

  5. Preventing the player from being able to see large empty surfaces from far away (eg by occlusion with trees, buildings, mountains, or fog-like effects), and / or

  6. Using textures with very few unique features (eg bricks, grass, dirt, all with no strong dark or light patches)… the more homogenous the texture is, the less repetition will usually show.

If you haven’t already a good place to start is adjusting the texture size, when I textured
my terrain all the texture were weird and repetitive too! All I did was change the starting
size from I think it’s 15 down to around 4 or 5! If you need help doing this comment back!

Get the free terrain shader 2 by forst. This makes the texture look 100 times better. Hope this helps.