Replace nonalphanumeric on textfield with regex, javascript

How to replace nonalphanumeric on GUI textfield,

using regex, javascript.

Could someone suggest some code, please?

Other solutions for alphanumeric fields in javascript are also welcome.

I need to make a numeric input table…

This is the code I was hoping to get to work

var pattern:String = "(a|b|c|d|e|f|h)";

inputTextfield = Regex.Replace(GUI.TextField(Rect(260,50,50,14),inputTextfield), pattern, "");

following the Example 1 from this page:

but I am still struggling…

Sure, regex is fully available to you in Unityscript.

just add this at the top

import System.Text.RegularExpressions;

here’s all the doco

here’s some random sample code that uses regex in Unityscript

function _preBraces()
// work on the WHOLE file at once.

var rgx:Regex;

rgx = new Regex("(

allText = rgx.Replace(allText, "
"); // unit tested 9/2012 hooray !

var repeatChunk:String;		// is large
var repsText:String;

// var pattern = "\\{(\\d+)

|.)+?)\}"; // no nesting
var pattern = “\{(\d+)
|[^{])+?)\}”; // handles nesting!

rgx = new Regex( pattern );

while ( rgx.IsMatch( allText ) )
	// swapping out one repeat area...
	var mmm:Match;
	mmm = rgx.Match(allText);
	var passage:String;
	passage = mmm.Value;
	var veryLongChunk:String;
	veryLongChunk = _expandOneRepeater(passage);
	allText = rgx.Replace( allText, veryLongChunk, 1 );

rgx = new Regex("(

allText = rgx.Replace(allText, "

Please note (for any future readers). Mastering writing regular expressions is beyond the scope of this forum. For questions specifically about specific regex (like “how to change this to that”) try a forum like stackoverflow.