Replacing an FBX model - I keep having to re-apply all scripts/etc

Hi there,

I’ve got a character model, I’m frequently updating animations. Every time I do this I have to reapply my scripts, go through all their public values and change them to the same as the old version, and it takes a while.

I searched around and the “solution” was to use an empty game object and put your scripts on that. But it doesn’t work for me because my scripts require that they are all placed on the actual model as that is what contains all of the animations, and I obviously can’t move my animations onto an empty game object.

I’m still learning to code, don’t exactly know how to tell it to look under the object for everything, and just seems messy.

There needs to be a way that I can update my models and not use empty game objects. This is wasting so much time.

With proper use of prefabs you should have no problems. Ensure that your fbx always have the same hierarchy, names, etc. and updating it should be transparent.
Also ensure you replace it through explorer (or finder in mac) so Unity sees it as an updated file. If you drag and drop your fbx inside the Unity project window, it will be treated as a new (renamed) one.

Google Unity copy components script.



In Unity go to Windows->Asset Store->Search:Component Copier.

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