Replacing fbx doesnt replace the animation?

Hi All,

Ive had this issue before but cant remember how i got round it. So my artist is giving me a .fbx from cinema4D that has an animation on it. That all works great, I need some animation tweeks so he exports me a new .fbx with new animatinos on it but when I replace the .fbx through finder it seems to keep its original animation, why?!?!?! Im using Unity 3.5.7 on Mac OSX 10.7.5 any help would be appreciated.

If you have animation object in scene and you replace the main FBX, the animations are not going to update themselves. I don’t know this is a bug or not, to solve this,you have to remove/delete the animations or drag and drop the animation back on the gameobject.

thanks for your help, I did find a solution which made me feel silly, so in the inspector for the fbx you can choose to split the animation, which i have done. I simply un-ticked split animation, replaced the fbx through finder, right click on the fbx in the project view and select reimport, then re select split animations. Now the animations have been replaced, its abit fiddley, hopefully they’ve fixed this in Unity4, hopefully i will get it someday (the pro version), wink wink nudge nudge unity people.