replacing Lens Flare for URP in version 2019

Hello guys!!

I hope you are having a good day.

Euhm for the people that uses URP in version 2019 Unity Editor.

Do you have an idea of replacing a Lens Flare because I know Lens Flare doesnt work with URP.
Only for version 2021 and there is an FREE asset for it. Too bad it is not for all versions possible.

I tried to add an 3D gameobject as child to the directional light and add a sphere bloom to it or not. Emission is bright white. But when I start the game to test it in Game Tab. It doesnt work.

Ideas would be very much appreciated, please.

I hope someone had the same problem like me but is smarter to figure it out.

I found something. But i need to make a copy of my game before it maybe get ruined.

I dont know if THIS really work. I seen how many stars and comments about this on other social media’s.

So I will download this today and see how it goes.

If someone has another solution while i am trying this one. Let me know, please.